Video showing the entire installation process of a

typical Under Deck Oasis system

installed by Northwest Under Decks

for additional video visit Under Deck Oasis

Oasis Under Deck system  – photos showing before, during and after installation


Alternative Under Deck Solutions

The Oasis Under Deck panel system is a premium product – Oasis doesn’t compete with others panels systems – Oasis out performs them … and THEY try compete with Oasis by lowering prices.


3 issues with this system –

a – Decks are not level and not flat. This system relies on arbitrary 1/2″ incremental mounting pieces… it will be impossible to install this product without having waves in the panel system.

b – there are no provisions for water proofing the periphery … water can leak down the walls and corners.

c – the panels are press fit – how much water would it take to pop one of those panels off?

Trek RainScape

2 issues with this system –

a – this has to be installed before you lay down your deck – i.e., have to tear up existing decking to install retro

b – this product looks terrible from below. If you want the space below to look decent you need to finish off the under deck with a soffit. Doing this will work – the area will look good indeed, but you just paid to install a water proof system, and an under deck soffit system — and if the Rainscape system fails you will damage your soffits.

Oasis panels are the water system and the soffit system. If you ever need to replace your decking above you can – the under deck remains as is installed and working regardless of what you change above.

DIY Panels

Definitely the cheapest route – 4 Issues

a – panels are going to get gross and dirty over time –

b – panels will deteriorate and drip from cracks and the screws used to secure them to the deck joists …

c – there are no provisions for stopping water coming down the walls around the periphery ..

d – the installation makes it look easy but if don’t make sure the panels are sloping right, and only follow the deck joists you could create puddles and ponds even though you ‘think’ it slopes right

Azek DrySpace

A cheaper solution but,

a – limited to 16 maximum panel lengths –

b – its vinyl – is *resisting* rot and mold good enough?

c – Available in 2 colors… white and off white

Aluminum by Oasis can be ordered in very long lengths. There are NO corrosion issues of any kind. The Oasis product is the only product with many color choices, including wood grain in both smooth and rustic finishes.